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Fermentation Workshops

& Demonstrations


I love teaching folks about the health benefits, simplicity & radical nature of fermentation. And I love to pull together my background in public health, ceramics & fermentation passion through hands-on workshops. I have led a diversity of fermentation-related workshops such as lacto-fermentation 101s, Jewish food & fermentation, and even handmade fermentation crocks & kraut. And I am the founder & lead organizer of the Boston Fermentation Festival.

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Workshop Format


My workshops generally run two hours and are open-source, inclusive & conversational. I approach teaching fermentation the way that I ferment in my kitchen -- with a curious & creative manner. We often spend the first hour talking about the concepts of fermentation which includes a group activity; and the second hour chopping vegetables & creating our ferments. It is fun, unique and instructive! And each participant will walk about with new knowledge, confidence and two jars of fermenting vegetables. To see what others think, read my workshop reviews at the bottom of this page. 


Workshops cover:


  • the definition of fermentation - symbolically, biologically & politically

  • the benefits of lacto-fermentation: taste, health & preservation

  • the historical and cultural aspects of fermentation

  • a hands-on sauerkraut demonstation

  • FAQs about lactic-acid fermentation & most common problems

  • a 'culture' sharing where we can swap and share our own starters


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Peruse reivews of my workshops below

Reviews from workshop participants...




I went to Jeremy's fermenting workshop at Allendale Farm. I really appreciated the way he shared information with us in such a laid-back and open way. I find there can be so much pretension in talking about alternative health, food trends, fad diets, etc. and I greatly respect his approach, which was honest and welcoming. We also walked away with two different ferments which we made during the workshop, and they're already awesomely stinking up my kitchen!

     - Emma Dreyfus

I loved Jeremy's enthusiasm and passion for the art and social implications of fermenting.  I had a great time learning lots of interesting information, and then rolling my sleeves and working with others to make a couple of ferments that we got to bottle and take home.  He's a great teacher and fun to hang with. Thanks Jeremy!

       - Vivienne Simon


I had the opportunity to take a fermentation workshop with Jeremy and it was such a valuable learning experience. I really appreciate his laid back approach to fermenting, making it very feasible for the novice fermentor We learned how to make sauerkraut, and I could not wait to try my batch once it was done fermenting. Jeremy also brought some of his own fermented vegetables for us to try and they were delicious. I recommend anyone to take a workshop who is interested in fermentation!

  - Katherine Wood


Jeremy taught a workshop on sauerkraut for the BU Gastronomy Students Association and it was easily the best event of the semester. We had an amazing time learning about lactic acid fermentation and getting our hands dirty with cabbages, carrots, and apples up to our elbows. Jeremy is a ton of fun, highly knowledgeable, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend any workshop Jeremy teaches, it is such an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon - and his pottery is gorgeous too!

     - Audrey Reid, BU Gastronomy                 Student Assoc. President

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