fermentation crocks, cooking & cuisine 

Curious about fermentation? Want to learn how to make fermented foods AND how to craft your own handmade ceramic fermentation crocks?


If so, this 3-part workshop is for you! I am a full time studio potter, fermenting enthusiast and avid fermentation crock-maker. I have made crocks for Williams Sonoma and am the founder of Boston Ferments, and am excited to lead newbies & more experienced fermenters thru the full fermentation process - from crafting the crocks, to fermenting with your very own crock, and then sharing the results in a fermentation-themed community dinner. 


**this workshop is for all levels. If you have never touched clay before or fermented in your kitchen, please join us! 

Ask me questions via email and reserve your space below...



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workshop dates
















workshop cost

$550 covers the following:

- all ceramics to create 2 handmade fermentation crocks

- vegetables and all demonstration materials to make your own sauerkraut in your own fermentation crock

- take home materials including fermentation lecture info & small     fermentation cookbook

- all ceramics and fermentation instruction


workshop location

workshop will be at my ceramics studio and we will have the third & final class where we share a fermentation-themed community dinner al fresco!

address: 95 St Rose Street, Jamaica Plain, MA

my studio is a 5 min walk from the Forest Hills T Station on the Orange Line



workshop description

This 3 part workshop will teach you all the ins & outs of fermentation crocks and fermented foods. In Part 1, participants will make two ceramic fermentation crocks. Part 2 will get everyone started on fermenting food in the crocks that were made in part 1. Part 3 will be a community fermentation potluck meal.


[class 1] crafting fermentation crocks

We will learn about the basic concepts of fermentation, so that the students know enough to create hand-built fermentation crocks. This would be open to all clay levels – a hand-built crock can be created by folks that have never touched clay before. I will instruct students on vessel design elements that are vital for fermentation and we will talk about vessels historically & culturally. We will explore the connection between ceramics & fermentation using photos and a short lecture. Each student will create 2 crocks in different sizes and choose glaze colors before part 1 is finished.


[class 2] fermentation 101 workshop

All students will get their finished crocks at the start and I will give a fermentation 101 workshop. Students will learn about the basics of lacto-fermentation and go home with 2 crocks bubbling with fermented food and a small cookbook of fermented recipes that will give them ideas on food to bring to the third and last workshop.


[class 3] community fermentation potluck dinner

Everyone will bring fermented dishes and results to a dinner. I will coordinate with the students to make sure we have a relatively diverse set of fermented dishes (so we don't eat only pickles!) and that the dinner is well thought-out. Each student will talk about the dish they prepared as they share it with the group and we will share a group meal. This potluck will be open to the public and other fermenters & local chefs will be invited to join in.




previous class

[class 1]    Wednesday, April 22: 6:30 - 9:30pm

[class 2]    Wednesday, May 13: 6:30 - 9:30pm

[class 3]    Thursday, June 4: 6:30 - 9:30pm

I am fairly flexible - evenings monday thru thursday work best for me. Each workshop will have no more than 5 people per class. Each class is set 3 weeks apart to give us time to transform the pottery into finished work and to transform the food into fully fermented dishes! Reserve your space by emailing me directly.