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about the potter

I am a studio potter, husband, father, hard worker, collaborator, and passionate fermenting evangelist (and founder of the Boston Fermentation Festival) living in Boston, Massachusetts. I strive to create work that has use and love it when folks come to me with new creative ideas & requests. In the last decade as a full time potter, I have made pieces for barbers, chefs, bakers, bartenders, fermenters, hotels, photographers, bloggers and of course lovers of handcrafted ceramics. 
Before I worked full time with my hands in mud, I spent overy 10 years committeed to HIV prevention and community health education on multiple continents. I was Peace Corps Volunteer in Southern Africa, public health professor in South America & activist in Washington, DC. My current studio practice draws heavily from my community health work & global health experiences. See my full resume here.
I understand that the decision to buy handmade objects is more than just an economic decision, but a political one. By creating functional ceramic art for use in the kitchen & home, I hope to be making beautiful & useful objects while also building a more just economy and appreciation for craft.
In addition to 'chief potter,' my business card proudly states 'principal fermenter' - showing my great passion for delicious fermented foods. See the latest fermentation news on his fermenting blog  and come visit at an upcoming fermentation workshop or demonstration. 


this is essentially how I spend my days....

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