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wedding registry example (from a previous one)

Note from the potter: Congratulations to Doyle & Justin!  I am a local artisan who works in a studio close to the wedding couple and I am very happy to create this handcrafted ceramic registry for them. All of the pieces listed below were chosen by Doyle & Justin and everything is functional, microwave & dishwasher (if they had one…) safe. All my work uses non-leaded food-safe glazes so you (and the bride & groom) can breathe easy. Much of the work that I create is from recycled clay and I hope that by making durable kitchenware, I am creating compelling objects for use in the home and building a more just economy.

Dear friends & family,

As you know, we’re not big fans of plastic or big box stores, and we support fair-trade and local artists in our community. We adore things that are one of a kind, handmade, sustainable, and beautiful. That’s why we are so blessed to have found Jeremy to create our new flatware, mugs, serving dishes etc using recycled clays and nontoxic glazes.

Thank you in advance for your wedding gifts made by Jeremy that will grace our table everyday for years to come! We can’t wait to share a meal with you on these gorgeous plates!

With gratitude,
Doyle & Justin


Directions to purchase pottery

  1. browse the pieces below and click on images to purchase

  2. purchase pottery online thru Etsy using your credit card. If you would rather send me a person check, please send me an email first at and let me know which piece(s) you are interested in.

  3. No shipping & handling costs will be included your price. All of the purchased pieces plus a list of who purchased each piece will be delivered directly to Justin & Doyle through the Ogusky Ceramics courier service [ie: me]

  4. to include a personal message with your pottery purchase, please send the message in an email to


If you have any questions, please be in touch!


(phone)  248 219 8779

this is just an example Etsy page. On your registry page, the listings will all be pieces chosen by you for your registry. 

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