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New Mexico Wood Firing


This past January, I took a month-long sabbatical to visit my brother in Taos, New Mexico. During this time, we created a specific body of work to fire in a sprung-arch wood kiln high up in the New Mexico desert to over 2300 degrees. See my results below & purchase them on Etsy!

The work that I created above was a major change from my usual studio practice. My sole purpose was to create different pieces, become inspired again with the material of clay, and to refresh my clay & entrepreneurial energy - I suppose this is the goal of a sabbatical.


I meticulously documented the entire pottery-making process and you can learn about the long road from soft mud to stone vase - including the mis-steps, sweat & hard work, laughs, fun, and brotherly joking below.


My hope is that by documenting all the steps, we will all gain a greater appreciation for handcrafted objects. To see the full progress of our wood firing, search for the hash-tag #NMwoodfiring on instagram, twitter, tumblr, or facebook. Or just check out the images below which all use this hash-tag 



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